Make a comic book garland


  • a few pages from a comic book – DO NOT use a First Edition or a rare comic book. If you paid more than $5 for it probably not the best idea to cut up.
  • 14 ft of nylon string
  • glue stick
  • a die cutting machine or a pair scissors

This garland was created with 1” circles that I cut out using my Circuit Cuttlebug. Alternately the circles could be cut using a paper cutting machine such as Silhouette. I don’t as the comic book pages are delicate and can be torn trying to separate them from the adhesive on the cutting mats.

comic book garland by blingbebe imagine

Study the comic pages to determine the most interesting images to cut out. I prefer faces and text. Study both sides in case there is a more desirable image on the reverse side.

Cut out 60 circles. They will be glued back to back so your final garland will have 30 discs.

This is time consuming so I cut mine out while watching a movie.

Starting at approximately 8” along the string, lay circles out on a cutting mat making sure to space each approximately 5” apart. Carefully lay the string over the center of each disc.

Using a glue stick* apply glue to the circle on the mat then press the string into place. Add glue to the top circle and press on top of first circle. Line the circles up as best as you can with the string in the middle.

* I prefer to use a glue stick instead of hot glue as the comic book pages tend to be delicate and hot glue would leave an uneven blob.

Fours sets of finished comic book garland